Reading–A Fundamental of Success


Without an education, we are like a monkey in a cage. There’s a big world out there that we cannot access.

When I took my husband to his truck yesterday, he and I were talking about what I planned to do with this blog. I am not really certain about what direction I want to take it. He suggested that I use the idea that “Jews are successful because they teach their children to be successful. They emulate success and teach those success principles to their children and therefore the children become successful.”

Education is a fundamental key to success. Reading is a fundamental key to education, therefore learning to read is a fundamental key to success. Think about it. Reading is required for every class we take in school, not just the communication arts classes. We need to be able to read to learn sciences, humanities, and yes, even math.Every aspect of our lives involves reading. Even if we have no ambition and simply want to work at McDonald’s for the rest of our lives, we have to be able to read in order to fill out the job application.

The problem with our current education program is that it tries to separate the learning process from the normal every day process of life. Our education really shouldn’t be the esoteric classroom process that we have turned it into. The program “No child left behind” has failed to produce the sort of acceleration in educating our children that it promised. On the 2013 Reading, Scientific and Mathematical Literacy Scales  (Furnished by the OECD), the United States has dropped to a dismal ranking of 33rd.  I believe that it has put too much emphasis on blaming teachers and less on where the real problems lie. Our educational system does not reflect the needs of the students.

Our education system focuses on failure rather than on success. Even the name of the program focuses on the idea of a child being left behind. For our education system to become most effective, we should be teaching our children to build on their strengths. In our education system. We should be focusing more on teaching our children to consider reading as a skill that is more valuable than sports. (I know, I said it. I could go on and on about that, but right now, it would be a rabbit hole.)

I believe that the most important skill that needs to be developed is in teaching the parent how to parent which includes, in my opinion, teaching children the basics of reading. I know there is a program called “Parents as Teachers” unfortunately, these programs are underfunded. Also, adult literacy programs are sadly underfunded as well, so the illiterate parents are unable to help educate their children early. I think that instead of having the “no child left behind”, I believe that a program called something like Excellent American Parents would be a far more effective program. How about American Education Excels?

Such a program would, of course, include teaching parents to care for their children’s physical needs, but it would also focus on teaching reading skills to that child from birth. I have learned something about teaching my children in the fact that I have three children of my own. My eldest son was dyslexic and he never learned to read until he was in the fourth grade. He now has his own business as a logger. My middle son I started working with when he was two and he was third in his graduating class.  He is currently a Chinese linguist in the US Air Force. My daughter who is still in school learned to read before she was in kindergarten and was reading above a second grade level. She’s now in the seventh grade and is also doing well in school. She has a very high self-esteem and currently wants to be a makeup artist. Why are my children doing so well in their lives? Partly because I learned that teaching my children what they need to know to be successful in life, cannot begin in the school system. The teaching process has to begin with the parent. Teach the parents how to teach and the child will learn as well.

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7 thoughts on “Reading–A Fundamental of Success

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  2. “Childrens behavior will rise and fall according to our expectations of them”

    I believe that’s true! I also believe it’s not something most parents
    would like to hear…why? Because it puts the responsibility back on
    them instead of bemoaning the
    bad choices and insubordination that’s sadly so common in teens.
    As parents we’re really good at
    recognizing the problems after
    they’ve blossomed but not so
    good at taking responsibility for our direct involvement. If we
    stand by and watch our kids fail or
    become obstinate little hellions it
    isn’t their fault friends, its ours!

    Great expectations…perhaps I should write a book?

      • How ironic it is to me that most of us are too soon old and too late schmawt! What I’m saying is if I did write a book the people who need the advice the most probably wouldn’t take it and the others simply don’t need it! Suddenly I feel very old…and irrelevant

  3. In generations gone by (and still in some cultures), elders were respected for the experience and wisdom they provided for the younger generations. It sort of fulfills the prophecy “if you don’t learn history, you’re doomed to repeat it.”

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