What will You Get For Christmas?

One of the things I like about Dad’s poems is that each had a story behind it. During the past few days, I have finished my Christmas shopping and started making Christmas goodies for the coming week. All this shopping reminds me of the poem that Dad wrote about the Christmas shopping experience.  I am not certain of my exact age at the time, but one Christmas, my mother’s electric cook stove went out, our television went on the fritz, and we bought a new stereo system. As a result of all of that, Dad wrote a Christmas poem telling the story adding his talent and his imagination to make the story memorable with a touch of humor.

Christmas Gifts

by R. Leonard Swanson

Sis wanted something special

Now that she started High

So Dad bought her for Christmas

A stereo high-fi

   Then Mother said the Daddy,

“The kitchen needs a change.”

rangeMy Daddy went and bought her,

A new electric range.

I like so many programs

The rest don’t care to see,

So Dad bought me a present,

A portable TV


We all got what we wanted

On this glad Christmas Day

But do you know what Daddy got?

A lot of bills to pay.

And so it is with Christmas, Daddy ends up with the bill.

And so it is with Christmas, Daddy ends up with the bill.

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane this week. I also wrote a couple of articles this week that I believe you would also enjoy.

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This  streusel coffee cake is still warm. It is so good that my family couldn't wait to sample it.Are you looking for something warm and wholesome for your Christmas breakfast ? This made-from-scratch Streusel coffee cake is sure to be a hit.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education

Harvard University Commencement Exercises are pictured May 30, 2013 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

 In recent years, great strides have been made by colleges and universities for including online courses of study. What are the advantages to an online education? What are the disadvantages?

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