This Week’s Results of My Weekly Plan

I have actually been sticking to my weekly plan this week and it has been a busy one. Despite the cold and the fact that my daughter has been home from school most of the week because of the weather, I have had a productive week.  I have been busy with a new online college course that I started. I’m taking physiological psychology and I’m off to a great start. I’ve had to read hundreds of pages in my textbook and related articles. I turned in my two papers and they have been returned to me with grades of 100% each. In addition,  yesterday I received news that in 2013 I won two Chancellor Scholarships at my university!  After this class, I will have just five more classes to finish my bachelor’s degree at Argosy University Online.

A while back I wrote a hub on hubpages called Strategies For Getting It All Done In this hub, I discussed a strategy that I use which uses the acronym SOFF which stands for Start, Organize, Focus and Finish. This works good for every task that I have. However, a lot of what I do are not simple tasks. They are projects that need more than one sitting to finish, so I have break down those projects into simple tasks that I can do at one sitting. In addition, I have learned that I am usually good at starting projects, but I am not so good at finishing, therefore, since I am finishing my formal education this year, I am using this year to finish a number of projects that have accumulated over the years as well.

To finish those projects, I have created a strategy in my plan. I have determined that I will finish as many of the projects I already have started in the past as I can. I explained how I plan to do that in the hub that I wrote yesterday called A Simple Time Management System To Help Me Finish What I Start

I have also been working on the third book in the Locket Saga  A Coward’s Solace. I am currently working on the second draft and while working on it, I took some of the research that I have been doing and wrote a hub about one of real people from history that I am including in this novel. The hub is about An Unsung Heroine-Lucy Flucker Knox

I am trying to schedule my writing for weekdays only so that I can either use the weekends for catching up on anything that I might be behind on (after all, life does happen) and to have more family time. Given the option, I could write 24/7 because I love what I do so much. However, the second part of my resolution “to love more” includes spending more time doing things with my family.

Because I need to write 2800 words per week so I can finish the second draft of A Coward’s Solace by May 1, I am writing 560 words per day Monday-Friday so that I can finish the book by the end of the year making A Coward’s Solace the third book in The Locket Saga. My first two books When God Turned His Head and Soldiers Don’t Cry, The Locket Saga Continues  are available on Amazon.

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