What Goes Around, Comes Around

Almost every religion in the world follows this line of thinking. What goes around comes around. Its the idea that there is a set of rules that we must follow. If we do something good or bad to someone else eventually, good will win out in the end.  There’s Karma, reaping what you sow, and the “law of reciprocity”. We all want there to be rules and we all want those who don’t play by the rules to get penalized.  If heaven or hell did not exist, we would invent it because we don’t see the evil being judged in the world. It also explains the desire for reincarnation. Obviously, life isn’t always fair, so perhaps the fairness comes in the after life. It is those times, however, that this “law” does seem to show up in the world that renews our faith in the idea that we “reap what we sow”.

This Day in History As it Relates to the American Revolution

Sometimes history bears this philosophy out. For instance, on this date February 10, 1763, Treaty of Paris ends French-Indian War, surrendering Canada to England. Just over 20 years later, in 1783, at another Treaty of Paris, Great Britain gave up 13 colonies which became the independent country of The United States. The French got back at England by becoming the first allies of the new Nation, The United States in 1777 and then helped the Americans defeat the British in the American Revolution. The French did not own The United States, but rather it became an ally and would remain one until this day. This alliance between France and the United States would be repaid during World War I and World War II when the United States allied with France (among others) against Germany.

Is Reciprocity Really a Law?

Of course, incidents such as this may seem to indicate the validity of the idea that “what goes around comes around”, but such is not always the case. We can look at any number of incidents where it simply is not true. A peace loving civilization is annihilated by a vicious  foe. Where is their justice? What about when a child is abused or murdered and the killer goes free? Is that fair? That is where the thoughts that there is a  judgment day coming can bring solace to someone who has been victimized. We would like to believe that someday, that person will receive payment for their horrific deeds.

Another problem comes when we try to justify our own faults. What another person does is horrible, but we when we do the same things, we find ways to rationalize our own wrongs as simply mistakes. Perhaps, we explain that there were “extenuating circumstances”.

Is there a day of reckoning coming. I hope that if there is, I pray that whatever I did wrong in this life would be dealt with mercy rather than judgment. I pray that everyone else has mercy too. I am not here to judge anyone. I am here to love.

“Blessed are the Merciful for they shall obtain Mercy.”

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