Pining For Spring

This winter has been a very hard, cold, snowy winter for many of us who live in the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast. The polar vortex has taken a trip south for the winter so that snow in some areas can be measured in yards rather than inches. Places that usually get snow in the form of lake effect snow, haven’t been getting the snow the usually get because the Great Lakes are frozen over. Europe has been affected by unprecedented flooding, the US west coast in contrast has been suffering a drought.

Food prices, especially meat prices, have gone through the roof. Beef and pork prices have quadrupled. The price of propane has also quadrupled. If the drought along the west coast continues, the price of fruits and vegetables will also rise.

For the first time in years I personally have cabin fever. I have been sitting inside my home day after day wishing that the weather here in Springfield, MO would improve so that I could get outside. I have been pining for spring. Rather than sitting here, simply pining, I have determined that I am going to do something positive about this situation. I have been working on my first nonfiction book, a gardening book which I call: Simply Vegetable Gardening. I am on a mission of sorts. I want to help as many people as possible start their own backyard vegetable gardens to help them off-set the cost of their food. I want to help everyone who has a small outdoor space to grow their own vegetable garden. Even if their gardens are on the shady side, no one needs to be completely dependent on the global food system. To give an idea of what this book will contain, here are a couple of hubs that I have written on Hubpages.

Hot Peppers in the Garden

hot peppers

Get an Ample Supply of Lettuce from Your Garden this Season


The past couple of days have been better than the previous past two months, but the reprieve from the winter weather has been short lived. This weekend our temperatures will be below normal again and will remain that way until well into next month. So I have enjoyed the past couple of days, and with cooler temperatures returning, I will continue pining after spring by readying  the book Simply Vegetable Gardening. Perhaps it will be ready when gardening season returns.

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