March 5, 1770-Remembering the Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre

One of the most pivotal events leading up to the American Revolution was The Boston Massacre. The British authorities had put numerous laws into effect in which the American colonists felt as though they were being treated unfairly. Numerous acts of rebellious activities were performed against the royal governors of the colonies, so troops were mobilized to the Americas to control the rabble rowsers. It was under this backdrop that the drama that became known in America as “The Boston Massacre” unfolded. Check out this reenactment.

Bostonians commemorated The Boston Massacre until the end of the Revolutionary War with public Orations. One particularly tense oration occurred on the five year anniversary of The Boston Massacre in 1775 which is commemorated in a scene in my book Soldiers Don’t Cry. I will share that scene in this blog on Friday.  Soldier’s Don’t Cry is available in Kindle or paperback.

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