Day 9 of the Overcoming Fear Challenge

The Fear of Success

        Self Confidence VS Self Esteem

Laura McHugh and Cygnet Brown

When another person reaches the dream that you have been trying to reach, celebrate their success!

A couple of days ago I was participating in my mastermind group when the issue of the difference between self-confidence and self esteem came up. The discussion opened my eyes to my own situation and how the difference related to me and this series I am doing.  Often people use the term Self confidence and self-esteem interchangeably. This is a misconception. They are different and the ways in which self confidence is built is different than the ways that self esteem is built primarily because self confidence and self esteem originate differently. Self Confidence is based in the way a person thinks about his or her abilities. Self esteem is based in the way a person feels about him or herself.


When a person has low self confidence, they do not think they have the knowledge that it takes to do whatever they want to do. To build self confidence, an individual needs to obtain knowledge and skills concerning whatever it is that the individual needs to know about whatever area that the person needs confidence.


A person with low self esteem however feels as though he or she does not deserve whatever it is that he or she is trying to accomplish. A person with low self esteem could have a lot of confidence in his or her abilities and still have low self esteem.  A person who has low self esteem, for whatever reason, feels as though he or she does not deserve whatever he or she has worked to accomplish. A person with low self esteem is afraid of being undeserving of whatever reward comes with accomplishment. Many individuals with a lot of confidence, have low self esteem. All the skills of confidence building does nothing to fix self esteem. Low self esteem is based feeling. The feeling in which low self esteem is based is the fear of success.


The Fear of Success is the Basis for Low Self Esteem


If the fear of success is the basis for low self esteem, it is very difficult for someone with low self esteem to success. I should know. I don’t feel as though I deserve success. This is my fear. I am afraid that others will find out that I don’t deserve success, so I make sure that I don’t have it. Rationally, I can see where I deserve it as much as the next person. I work hard at what I do. I am highly knowledgeable in many areas. I have the confidence. I know a lot about gardening, natural remedies, and cooking food from scratch. I also have learned and have become quite adept at writing my own books, editing, formatting, publishing and marketing. Almost single handed, I wrote (my husband Jeff designed the cover) my most recent book. If you’ve never written a book and self published it, you have no idea how much work goes into publishing a book. I’m good at what I do. I don’t however feel as though I deserve success so anytime I come close to succeeding, I sabotage my own efforts. When I come close to making breakthroughs, I drop the ball and sabotage my own efforts.

DuSable, the founder of Chicago didn't let his dark skin keep him from being a successful business man.

DuSable, the founder of Chicago didn’t let his dark skin keep him from being a successful business man.

This begs the question; what do I do about it? Learning new skills isn’t going to do it, because I probably know enough right now to be far more successful than I am. The idea that some offer of “faking it until I make it” won’t work either. I know I’m faking it so how could that help me feel as though I deserve it?


I don’t have the answers, but I do have a next step. When this issue came up in the mastermind group, the leader of the group suggested that we read the book Seeds of Greatness by Denis Waitley written in 1984. I have requested a loan copy from the local library. It will be in the local library in the next day or two. Its also available new or used on Amazon in hardcover or paperback. My next step is to read the book. I’m certain there will be more on this in an upcoming post.

About the Author

2014-04-07 07.07.08Cygnet Brown has recently finished her first nonfiction book: Simply Vegetable Gardening: Simple Organic Gardening Tips for the Beginning Gardener She is also the author of historical fiction series The Locket Saga Cygnet Brown resides in Springfield, Missouri.

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Day 8 of the Overcoming Fear Challenge

Discovering Our Options for Overcoming Anxiety

Yesterday we identified an area where we felt stuck and identified what we were afraid of losing in that area where we felt as though we were stuck. Today, we are going to look at this even more and determine exactly what we can do with the power that knowing what we are afraid of losing can do for us. It is the first step in discovering our options for overcoming anxiety and overcoming fear as it relates to feeling stuck.


Seeing that you have options is one of the first steps in overcoming the fear that has you stuck.

Let’s look at the example of:

Feeling stuck in my current dead end job. (This isn’t the area where I am currently stuck. It may not be the area where you are currently stuck,  but it is an area where many people are stuck. It is a good example, so I will use it. )

What am I afraid of losing if I decide to leave my current dead end job?

Our home?- Probably

Our 401K- probably

Our self respect- possibly

our spouses respect-possibly

our spouse-possibly

not being able to pay my own bills-if you’re like most people who work paycheck to paycheck, most definitely.

Well, I don’t know about you, but losing those things could be pretty devastating. This is a dose of reality. No wonder you’re afraid of leaving your dead end job. So the next question that comes up would be: How could I keep from losing all those things and still leave my current job? The answer to this question starts opening other possibilities.

Discovering Your Options Empowers

The quickest way of leaving your current job might be to write a resume and sending that resume out to various other jobs that perhaps are not so dead end.

Another option, which is a far more drastic measure, would be to say to heck with it all, sell the house, leave the wife, leave the job behind, and go live under a bridge. None of it was worth keeping any way.

Other, less drastic means of breaking out of the rut take a little longer. For instance you could go back to school, get a better education and then fill out the job resumes toward a better job.

Another might be to start your own home business while still doing the current job. Go to part time after a while and gradually work into working the part time business full time.

Another might be to study short term to get a real estate or insurance license, sell a few things to tide the family over and try to live on the wife’s income until you really start making an income.

By going through this exercise, I realize that I don’t have to stay stuck in a job that I hate. I may have to continue doing it for a while, but refusing to stay stuck in a dead end job isn’t my only option. I have ways of getting myself unstuck if I simply look at all the options that might be available to me.

We now have an example of an area where a person could feel stuck. We have identified what we could lose if we were to simply let go of where we are stuck. Finally, we have identified ways that we can become unstuck. Now it is time for the real work. Where are we stuck? What are we afraid of losing? What could be done about it? Finally, we must weight the options and determine which option we will take in order to move past the fear into freedom.


2014-04-07 07.07.08About the Author

Cygnet Brown has recently finished her first nonfiction book: Simply Vegetable Gardening: Simple Organic Gardening Tips for the Beginning Gardener She is also the author of historical fiction series The Locket Saga Cygnet Brown resides in Springfield, Missouri.

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Day Seven of the Overcoming Fear Challenge

“When you find yourself stuck, you know you are dealing with fear.”-Cygnet Brown

Do you ever find yourself stuck and don’t know where to go next? The underlying feeling of being stuck is based in fear. When you see yourself stuck the first thing to ask yourself is “What am I afraid of?”

Stuck in a dead end job?

Stuck in what to do next in business?

Stuck in a certain level in your business?

Stuck in a bad marriage?

Stuck in a cycle of poverty?

Stuck in a rut of any kind?

What are you afraid of? Whatever it is that you are afraid if is keeping you from moving forward. A more precise question would be “What are you afraid of losing?” Before you can forward, you must deal with this one key element. “What are you afraid of losing?”

vampire movie

Shining a light on what you’re afraid of losing is a very scary thing even after you do it. If you want to move past the fear, it is necessary.

This is the boogie man in all the resistance you sense as you move forward. Identify what you’re afraid of losing, and that lose loses some of its power over you because you have identified it. More on this tomorrow.

This weekend I took a step forward, but it was a difficult one for me because when I admitted it, I realized that I had been holding some fear that was very scary to me. I think I had mentioned that I had been planning to publish Simply Vegetable Gardening and that I was later at getting it out than I had originally planned. Part of the reason was that I had not finished because I thought that I could finish it more quickly than I actually was able. The big reason, however was that I was procrastinating getting that project finished. We discussed procrastination back on Day Three.

I finally got the book published late Saturday night on Kindle. The book looked beautiful. I compared my work in that book with the books I had written in the past and it looked great. Editing wise, formatting wise, writing wise, it was the best work I had put out thus far. Not only that it was a book from the heart. I loved the work, and I loved the end result. In a few days, when my husband Jeff finishes the design on the back cover, we’ll be publishing the print book. You would think I would be happy, but I wasn’t.  I was a wreck. Fear raised his ugly head. What if nobody liked it? What if I put it out there and no one thought it was worth buying and reading? What was I afraid of losing? I was afraid of losing “My Dream”.  I put my heart and soul into this. I am invested in this book. What if no one valued my book? If people reject my book, then I felt as though people will also reject me. I was afraid of rejection.

Now that my book was published, I was facing the fear of rejection head on. Did publishing the book make me feel the fear less? No, I felt it more, but I was dealing with it. I’m still dealing with it. Now that I recognize it however, I realize that what I am doing now is a brave thing. I am facing my fear and pushing through it. Yesterday though it started with me feeling like a loser, by the end of the day, I felt as though I had accomplished much. I even got a few sales. There are at least a few people who do like me and my work. I’ll bet there are at least a few more. I must simply go out and find them.


Day Six of the Overcoming Fear Challenge

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.”- Anthony Robbins.

We are revisiting the same quote that we shared yesterday because it still suits today’s topic as you will see. Three types of people exist in the world. Most people know about two of them. They are the givers and the takers. However, a third type exists. This group I call the fearful.

dead sea

The Dead Sea is dead because water flows into it, but it doesn’t flow out of it. For us to be truly alive we must allow things to flow out of us as well as into us.

The givers give to this world. These are the people who when they leave the world or even the room make you feel good that they were there. They always have a positive outlook on life. These are the people who always leave more behind them than they take. These are the people who are always sharing what they have with others and others love them for it. What they give can be material, and often is, but it can also simply be an attitude. What they give, however always has substance. These are the people who when they share something with you, don’t remind you that you owe them. These people are secure in the fact that reciprocity exists. They know that what they give will always return to them bigger and better. They know that the more they give, the more they will get in return. They always see the world as a place of abundance and that plenty exists for everyone. they know that it is the giving that produces the abundance.

The Takers,  on the other hand, are those people who always make you feel as though they have gained at your expense. WhenTakers come into the world or into a room they leave behind them negativity. They suck the life out of everyone and everything around them. They are like the Dead Sea in that they always receive, but never give.  These people are the consumers that take more than they give. They may be able to convince you in the moment that they are doing you a favor, but it doesn’t take long to learn that they have taken advantage of you. These people see the world as having limited resources and that in order to have it, they must manipulate it from you.

We are all familiar with the givers and takers, but few of us recognize the fearful. Their goal in life is to enter the room and leave it without being noticed. These people are those who might say of themselves “I didn’t come into this world with much, and I still have most of it.” They don’t take much from the world, but they don’t give much either. These people are often hardworking, but they never seem to get ahead. They wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of anyone, however, because the world is limited, they cannot see how they can give away anything either. These people see the world as being a hostile place that takes from them and never gives back. Because they see the world as hostile, they tend to be tight-fisted with with what little they do have. They neither give nor take. These people live in poverty and squalor and hoard what little they do have because they are afraid of losing what little they possess. This is true about not only their physical possessions, but their mental and emotional abilities as well.

The Takers nor the Fearful can truly be grateful for what they have only the givers have that quality. to become a giver, the place to start is to recognize the abundance that is in your life. To become a giver, you must be grateful. Even the fearful can give thanks. Giving thanks is an easy place to begin our giving. Today’s homework is to create a gratitude list of all that we are thankful that we have received. What are you grateful for receiving. Write your list, and I will write mine.

I have to admit that I am numbered among the fearful. It’s time fir me to step out of my comfort zone and start giving.


Day Five of the Overcoming Fear Challenge

Finding Gratitude Converts Fear into Opportunity

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.”- Anthony Robbins.

When I was a Navy Corpsman reservist, I had been trained to go out with the Marines. The Marine Corps turns every problem into a mission by doing so turn the impossible into the possible.

A marineThe secret behind this magical fete was that they had what they called a “can do attitude”. This can do attitude was based in having gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference. By finding that gratitude, they are able to look for the solutions rather than look for excuses.

An attitude of gratitude is the most powerful tools that a person can use to overcome fear. As Anthony Robbins said in the opening quote, fear and gratitude cannot co-exist. How can I apply gratitude to my situation today? How can I use it to make a difference?

piccinni roland operaThe first thing that I believe that I must be grateful for is my past. It is my past that got me to the point where I am now. It is the past that has led me to this point in my journey through life. Without it I would not have the experiences that I have now. Without my past I also wouldn’t be at the point that I am so that I know that I can now face my fears.

My current mission is in the opportunity that I see in front of me. I can plow through the fear and get through to the other side. The list of fears that I created earlier in the week is simply a list of opportunities for me to grow and for that I am also grateful.

Day four of the Overcoming Fear Challenge: Where am I?

“The offspring of fear is mediocrity.”-Hilton Johnson

When I was a reservist, we would sometimes go up to Fort Leonard Wood on maneuvers and one of the things that we did was go out to the woods and learn how to read a map.


Trying to find a way to get out of the cage that others have placed around you is not an easy task. It is even harder to realize that it is not others that are keeping you there, but rather it is fear inside yourself.

In order to determine how to find our way to where we wanted to go, we had to shoot what they call an azimuth or a direction in which to begin moving.  Before we could shoot the azimuth, however, we had to figure out exactly where we were. It is certainly a rule that we cannot get to where we want to go unless we first know where we are right now.

If you ask anyone what the number one thing that you need to do to overcome fear is “to face it”, but that’s a just a meaningless cliche that everyone uses. It doesn’t really mean anything. What does it really mean. For me, I have to first face the fear of where I am and understand how I got here. I realize that I can’t get to where I want to go without first understanding where I am.

I know I can express to people how important it is to have courage. The mentoring that I got from my mentor when I was a child was to play it safe. He tried to give me what he thought was good advice, which was  not to do things that were too risky.


Even when you have a big orange ego, you’re still not big enough to beat down that door and you feel at times as though you should just give up. Instead of giving up, t is time to look for a key instead of looking for something to use to beat down the door.

I rebelled against that advice and determined to find another way to get out of the situation I was in so I determined that I took a trip from Pennsylvania to California where I didn’t know anyone and thought I would get a job. I returned to Pennsylvania after just a few days because I knew I would never make it. I had not prepared for that transition. I then tried to get a job, but only could find mediocre jobs that hardly paid the bills. Therefore I joined the Navy so that I could get away from the situation. The list of situations goes on. I can name situation after situation where I would try to find the shortcut to the success I was looking to find. My life was like a fad diet. A get rich quick scheme. It never led anywhere, but toward looking for the next and better shiny object upon which to set my sights, always desiring, never achieving, never attaining the success to which I searched. Even though I seemed to be taking risks, those risks were motivated  by fear.

Put in the work, I saw the moves as a means to an end to get me to where I wanted to go in my life. How were those things to help me take me to where I wanted to go rather than going to school and getting my degree, I was looking for a shortcut. I was looking for a shortcut because I was listening to fear, and I set my course to show my mentor that he was wrong. I thought that doing these things would be the easiest way, but it was motivated by fear because I was afraid that he was right. I still hear that voice in my head telling me that I am not good enough and that I am not able to do what it takes to fulfill my dreams. I have been listening to a lie and trying to run from it. Instead of becoming the writer that I know I can become, I have settled for a life of mediocrity.

As Thoreau said in Walden, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats.”

I know where I am. I have my bearings. I have found the underlying fear that motivated me thus far. I know the landmarks of this place and have found it on the map of my life. I know my destination and I can now begin shooting the azimuth and begin my journey out of this valley of mediocrity.

Challenge Day Two: Dispelling Fear Through Meditation

“Before a person can accomplish anything of an enduring nature in the world, she must first of all acquire some measure of success in the management of her own mind. If a person cannot govern the forces within herself, she cannot hold a firm hand upon the outer activities that form her visible life.” – Mastery of Destiny

river meditationAs I begin this journey of facing my fears, I need to remember that that fear is afraid of itself. Whenever I face it, I need to greet it by name and imagine myself saying to the fear, “Hey you, I see you there and you can’t scare me. I know you want me to run screaming from you, but I am not going to. If you want a piece of me bring it.”
Fear can’t stand up to that kind of awareness. I must continue practicing this and eventually I will transform my anxiety into an ability to rise to the occasion.

Of the list of fears that I wrote yesterday, I included on the list several things that I do not intend to deal with this month. For instance, on that list was the fear of rodents particularly rats and mice. I am not dealing with that because as of right now I live in a home where they are nonexistent. Same goes for my fear of snakes. I don’t need to deal with that fear either. Nor am I going to deal with the fear of heights. No bungee jumping or skydiving this month. I have more pressing fears to face.

The fears that I face are in my own mind. In order gain control of my fears, I need to first gain control of my own thinking. It is said that you learn what it is that you need to learn when you are ready, and yesterday, I saw an interview about Dan Harris talking about his own anxiety and that he dealt with it by using meditation. His new book 10% Happier is at the top of the New York Times Best Seller’s List.

So, for me, today I have begun meditating. I will meditate five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening. The meditating that I am talking about is simple to do, once I have determined that is what I intend doing.

Here’s how simple it is. Set a timer for five minutes. Sit upright in a chair in a quiet location. Close your eyes. Now for the next five minutes, focus on your breathing. When (not if, because they are guaranteed to occur) thoughts come into your mind, dismiss them and return your focus on your breathing.

This is not just something that is toted by “unwashed hippies and rogue gurus”. Many studies have been done concerning meditation and many believe that it is more effective than anxiety medications. Meditation rewires the brain from the anxious flight or fight response to a more restful response to life’s challenges including fear.

The meditation I described above only requires five minutes twice a day. I think I can take five minutes to develop the restful parts of my brain and make them stronger than the fears and anxieties that I feel. Are you willing to also begin developing this fear fighting tool in your life as well? Please comment! It can get very lonely here in cyberspace!



Achieving My Greatest Goal

There is no limitation to the mind except those we acknowledge, both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.”-  Napoleon Hill

Can you believe that we are already a quarter of the way through 2014? Are you on track for reaching your annual goals? I am a member of a Mastermind group and Monday afternoon, the leader of the group was instructing us on how to achieve our biggest goal for the year, and the information was so significant, that I knew I had to share it.


The first thing we have to do, of course, is to determine exactly what the goal is. I knew from past experience that goals should be SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time Sensitive.

I didn’t really know what my goal was until he asked Monday what our most important goal was. I suddenly knew what it was and wrote it down.

“I will make $2000 a month writing (net) by the end of 2014. “

It fits all the criteria of a SMART goal. What this goal is not saying is that I expect to make money from the novels that I have written or from the books I have written, but that writing will be the main component of achieving this goal.

The First Question he asked that we answer about the goal that we set was: Why do you want to achieve this particular goal?

“I want to make this particular goal because I want to make my living by writing because I am good at it and I have a passion for writing.”

Second Question: Who is the ONE person who can be a big help in your reaching your goal? This person does not have to remain the same person. It can change as situations change.

“The Leader of My Mastermind group.”

When will you contact this person?

“I already have.”

What is the biggest change I have to make in my daily life in order to reach my goal?

“I need to change my focus, at least for now. I need to get in contact with more people on a daily basis.”

What do I have to do to make the change happen?

   “I need to get the courage to contact more people by email, by phone, and in person.”

What are the 3 Biggest Obstacles to achieving this goal?

1. No Sales Plan

2. No Marketing Plan

3. Other projects to finish

How can I overcome each of these obstacles?

1. Create a Sales Plan

2. Create a Marketing Plan

3. Finish Current Projects and don’t start other projects

Write out your affirming Goal Statement:

“I am doing what I need to do now so that I will be earning $2000 (net) by writing by the end of 2014.”

I already know that these questions are helping me become more focused on obtaining this goal. Let me know if you answer these questions and if you see how they help you focus on obtaining what you want in 2014.

Breaking Free

“If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken by an inside force, Life begins. Great things always begin on the inside.”

3378496797_592b53dd4fSeveral years ago, we started raising chickens by setting up two incubators in the spare bedroom and hatching eggs. The incubators were the manual type in which we had to simple thermostats and egg racks, but I had to manually  maintain proper humidity and turn the eggs by hand four times per day for the entire 21 days. During those 21 days, I did not sleep more than 6 hours at a time.

Finally the eighteenth day came when I started hearing peeping within the eggs and started seeing peck holes in the eggs. I could see the tiny beaks inside the eggs pecking away at the shells. Soon wet and exhausted little chicks began to flop out of the shells and lay wet on the egg rack. Within the hour the little chicks rested, dried out,  and active little balls of fuzz which moved freely over the eggs that remained in the incubator. They were ready to be moved from the incubator to the brooder that I had set up in another room.


The first chicks that made their way out of their shells were lively, but as time went on, the chicks who had not yet freed themselves of the shells were much more sluggish and unable to get themselves out. Some chicks died in their shell. It seemed unfair that these poor little animals should have to suffer inside the eggs simply because they could not manage to remove those shells. I felt that I had to do something to help them.  I helped the chicks that were in their shell and still alive. I helped them by easing the shells off their tiny weak bodies. Most of these chicks, however, ended up dying before they ever made it out of the incubator. What I didn’t realize was that getting out of the shell was a necessary skill that the chick had to accomplish on his own. Depending on outside help would not work. The changes in the chick’s circumstances had to come from the inside.

Each one of the chick’s pecks weren’t much in the large scheme of things. The chick had to manage focused consistent actions in order to accomplish his goal of getting out of the shell that held him trapped within it.

I can take a lesson from the chick in the egg. Just as the chicken is responsible to remove his own shell, I am responsible for any progress I make in my life. Just as one single pecking action on the shell doesn’t free a chick, one single action that I do in a day won’t make much of a difference. However, if I do that action, and it is the right action, and I do it daily, it will make a difference. I cannot depend on anyone on the outside. I am required to make the right competitive actions to reach my goals as well. To fail to continue action means that like the chick, I would remain remain in my own shell. No one can free me. I must do it myself. Freedom is an inside job.

We Must Decide What We Want and Go for It!

This Day in the American Revolution

The Fall of Fort Vincennes (also known as Fort Sackville)

The Fall of Fort Vincennes (also known as Fort Sackville)

George Rogers Clark captured Fort Vincennes (Vincennes, Indiana) from British on February 24, 1779 from British Governor Henry Hamilton. On February twenty-third, the Americans surrounded the fort manned by 90 British soldiers. The patriots were outnumbered, but tricked the British and their Indian allies by dividing their own army into groups of ten so that it appeared that they had more than a thousand surrounding the fort. The Indians, in fear of capture, deserted the British to defend the fort themselves. Clark’s army took the fort without a single casualty. With the capture of the fort, the British army was removed from the Illinois territory, and the Native American tribes stopped attacking settlements in nearby Kentucky.

It is amazing what can happen in one short year. Just twelve months earlier, the main American force had trudged into Valley Forge a ragged, downtrodden lot. By the following April, the American’s were given a shot in the arm when the French sided with the Americans in the war and this turned things around. The following winter, Americans were back on track and this time had the British on the run.

Determining What We Really Want

Just as most of the Americans prior to the army’s winter at Valley Forge were waffling between whether they really wanted to remain independent from Great Britain or whether they wanted to give up and return to colonialism. I think we all have those moments. Sometimes we give up on the dreams that we had because they seemed too hard. Sometimes we press through. That was what happened for the Americans during 1778. They solidified their stance and when George Rogers Clark and his men surrounded Fort Vincennes, they were determined to raise the American flag above that fort. They had determined what they wanted and they were going after it.

As I read this, I think about the fact that I too have been waffling about what I want and what I want to do in certain areas of my life. For instance, in a few months I will be finishing my liberal arts degree, and I will need to begin working full time. In addition, I have been waffling about creating more healthful habits. During past few weeks I have been beginning to change a few of my habits, but as far as I can tell, I am still like the men who were training at Valley Forge. This past weekend I came to my own crossroads. Like the Americans who limped into Valley Forge, I have faced defeat after defeat. I felt as though nothing seems to have gone my way. The problem with me was that it is time that I determine what path that I will take. Will I be defeated, or will I become successful.

I have been waffling about what I want to do with this blog, and I think that I have finally figured out what I want to do with it. I am going to continue the history lessons, but I am going to develop other topics on this blog as well. . I’m going to focus more creating a healthy life style. I am going to talk about developing not only a healthier lifestyle, but a more sustainable lifestyle as well. I’ll explain more about my plans on Wednesday.

Over this past weekend, I wrote a short booklet called: Vegetable Gardening in the Shade. I will to be starting a newsletter called: The Cygnet Brown Newsletter. Please feel free to sign up and get Vegetable Gardening in the Shade and join the newsletter.