Day 11 of the Overcoming Fear Challenge

exit interview

The best way to get rid of fear is to let hm know that he is no longer needed.

 An Exit Interview with Fear

Yesterday we talked about how fear is like a protective coating that protects us from things that can harm us, but in order for us to grow, we must tell the fear that it is no longer needed.  Its not as though we need to get angry or upset with fear. The truth is, it is best when we address our fear that we are calm and don’t get excited because excitement makes fear raise up its defenses. We do much better if we can address fear with a coolly, rationally and lovingly.

The best way to get rid of fear is to let hm know that he is no longer needed.

Imagine that you are an employer and that fear’s job has been terminated. Treat this conversation like an exit interview and fear is getting the ax. Here is how such a conversation could go:

In an interview room, two chairs are facing one another. I am sitting in one. Fear enters the room. He is standing very militarily. His eyes are ever watchful. He is proud of the work that he has been doing.  I motion fear to take the seat facing the one in which I am sitting.

Me: Hello fear, I see that you have been very busy taking care of business. I see that you are trying to protect me from failure, and I appreciate your efforts.

Fear: Well, thank you. It is nice that I am appreciated.

Me: You’ve come to work every day, did your time, did your job well. Too well in fact. However, I have bad news for you. The job that you have been do no longer is needed so I have to let you go. It is time for me to grow, and the job that you have been doing is hindering that grown. I’m sorry, but I have to let you go.

Fear: But I like it here. Please keep me on.

Me: The truth is,Your job was supposed to have been a temporary one. I have kept you on far longer than I should have.

Fear: But if I leave, you’ll be more vulnerable. I won’t be here to protect you.

Me: But if you stay, I can’t grow and grow I must.

Fear: I see. I understand. I wish it were different. I really liked working for you.

Me: And you did your job well. It is just that I no longer need the services you provide. Good-bye fear.

Fear: Good-bye.

(Fear gets up. He is stooped over, his head low. He walks out of the room. I sort of feel sorry for him, but I know that it is for the best. It is time for me to grow.)

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Diving into April with a 30-Day Challenge

Can you believe that it is already the last day of the month? How time flies whether I’m having fun or not! Tomorrow starts a new day, and I am diving into what is called a 30 Day Challenge. Every day I will be facing a challenge that has been plaguing me so much that I have devoted a whole month to conquering it.


This skydiver certainly has learned to face his fears and this month, I am planning to face a few of my own.

I have decided that the biggest thing I need challenged right now “FEAR”. Everyday, for the next thirty days, I am going to something to help me face some fear in my life. Everyday I am going to post some intent and then post what I did to face down that fear and overcome it. No, I am not going to face my fears concerning bungee jumping or skydiving, I plan on being a little more practical than that. So everyday for the next month, you will be seeing a post from me concerning some challenge that I am putting out there. If you know of any unique ways of facing fear, comment below. I would love to hear your insights.

Do you face areas of fear in your life? Perhaps you too would join me in this challenge.

bungee jumping

This will not be on my list of fears that I plan to challenge this month, but the ones that I face will definitely be as frightening for me as bungee jumping!

What is it that you fear? What do you think that you need to do to conquer your fears?  Write in the comments below what fears you have to face, and perhaps list a thing or two that you will use to confront it. If you can’t think of way to confront your fear, write down your fear anyway. Perhaps we can both gain a better perspective by dialoguing about it.

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