Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Organizing My Computer Space

me_on_the_laptopThis weekend, I rid my inbox of of the thousands of emails. I followed the organizing program of schedule, delete or delegate. I didn’t delegate anything, but I did delete a lot and there were a few that because I had kept them for a reason, I took the time in my schedule to view them and to do what ever it was I needed to do with them before I either deleted those as well. Some I stored them in an email folder. Others I took the information that I wanted from them and cut and pasted information into a word document folder. The videos I watched took notes and then deleted the email. I also cleared out my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday folders some of which contained information dating back to August.

Since this has been a long weekend with the holiday and all, I learned how to use OneNote a Microsoft program that I have had on my computer since I got it three years ago. I found this video especially informative.

This Day in History

From the Headlines of the American Revolution

David HenleyToday I have started a new section in this blog called this day in history. Because events of The Locket Saga series is currently set in the revolutionary war period, this day in history relates to the American Revolution.

On this date in 1778, the first American Court Martial began. David Henley, a Continental Army officer who served as George Washington’s intelligence officer and Prisoner of War Commandant, was Colonel of the Massachusetts. He was commander in Cambridge, Massachusetts when the troops captured at Saratoga were brought to Cambridge. General Burgoyne (captured general) brought charges of cruelty against him for how he treated British prisoners. Court Martial proceedings began against him on this date and lasted until February 25. He was exonerated. British General Burgoyne challenged him to a duel, which was to occur in Bermuda. Henley accepted the challenge, but never showed up in Bermuda. Instead,he served as the American intelligence chief.  Henley later served as the Agent for the United States Department of War for the Southwest Territory, which later became the state of Tennessee in the 1790s. Imagine if the Americans lost the revolution. How do you think things would have been different?

Now that my emails are cleared,  next weekend, I want to out the book marks that I have accumulated over the past three years. I want to go back and save the URLs to specific folders in my One Note so that when I want to look at specific topics, I will have related URLs all in one place.

Who else has been busy organizing this month? Anyone else have any good ideas on how to organize bookmarks on the computer for easy access? I would love to hear about it. What is your opinion of the new feature This Day in History, Headlines from the American Revolution. I would love to hear from you.

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