Dealing with the Flu

The Flu Has Invaded Our Home

It started Monday. My daughter wasn’t feeling well. I took her temperature several times and found that it ranged between 99-101 degrees Fahrenheit. That first day I didn’t give her anything for the fever. My theory with fevers, especially low grade fevers like the one she has is not to treat it. My feeling is that she has generally good health and if I allow the fever to take its course, her immune system will become better at fighting infection. I wasn’t too worried about her eating because again, I feel that there is a good reason not to eat when you’re not hungry when you are ill. I did however, made certain that she drank as much fluid as possible.

Yesterday it was my turn to get sick. I started by sneezing and coughing and had muscle aches all over my body. I had that taste in my mouth that tells me I am not up to par and I also felt as though I didn’t have any energy. I slept all day yesterday, but my temperature was within normal range until this morning when it went up to over 100 degrees F. I’m just glad that I had the second part of this post done earlier in the week. Now if I can just get caught up again with my novel writing. I am a couple of days behind on my word count.

This Day in History

January 22, 1690 – Iroquois tribes renewed allegiance to British against French.

iroquois-indians-5The waterways around the Great Lakes were strategic highways to the interior of the Northeast in the American colonial period. Both the French and British conducted expeditions and raised forts to defend their claims on the area. The conflicts between the French and the British increased after 1664, when the British captured the colony of New Amsterdam from the Dutch and were driven out in 1675. The Iroquois were the native inhabitants of the land. Because the French were more prevalent, the Iroquois sided with the British to curb French expansion into the territory. The Algonquins who had been displaced by the British colonies on the coast sided with the French. Until 1690, the British minimized direct contact with the French; all conflicts appeared to be struggles between the French and the Iroquois. The Iroquois fought against the Americans during the Revolutionary War. The British maintained alliance with the Iroquois until the end of the American Revolution.

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